Write To Me


Was there a particular moment, person, or need that inspired you to launch Write To Me?

The inspiration to create our products came from two places. We both left home within four weeks of each other and our mother gifted us with our baby journals and family recipe books that she had put together for us. A box of handwritten letters is one of the most precious items my husband has of his mother after losing both parents when he was 12 years old. This made us very sentimental and really brought home the importance of handwriting and documenting our lives.

Tell us three things that make your product stand out.

Classic, simple, linen colours.

Describe the kind of person who buys your products. Why do you think they love Write To Me?

Mothers, mothers to be and friends of people having babies purchase our product. We think they love it because everyone is sentimental around babies and documenting their moments as we are all aware of how quickly time goes and how they grow so fast.

Tell us three things that excite you about doing what you do.

Working on new concepts, creating products and bringing them to market, working on the strategy of our business and the goals we set yearly.

What energises and inspires you, generally?

We have created a life that means we work hard but we are happy. That inspires us daily. We feel lucky but gosh we have worked for it.

Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

We are most inspired by each other and the different skills we bring to the table. We are inspired by life itself when we are creating a new title.