The Royal Exhibition Building is wheelchair accessible. All exhibitors are located on the ground level.  


Toilets are located at multiple convenient points within the venue. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available in both locations. Staff at the information desk can provide directions to facilities available to visitors within the venue.

Sensory Information


We have worked with Amaze, the peak body for autistic people and their supporters in Victoria, to undertake an environmental audit of The Big Design Market Melbourne. We worked with Amaze to identify ways to improve the visitor experience for individuals with sensory sensitivities. You can find information below about our Quiet Zone along with the best times to visit The Big Design Market.

For general information about The Big Design Market and what to expect, please visit About Us.


To enjoy the market in a quieter and more relaxed setting we recommend attending on Friday between 12 noon and 5pm or on Saturday between 2pm and 7pm. Sunday tends to be the busiest day of the event.


A quiet zone is available within the venue where visitors can sit away from the main thoroughfares and busy eating areas. This area is lit with house lights only, so will be slightly darker and quieter than the rest of the event. Some seating is provided and visitors are also welcome to sit on the floor picnic-style. Please pick up a visitor map at the information desk when you arrive.


There is a dedicated area for kids activities at the back of the event where children and their families can participate in calming activities including crafts and colouring-in. Tables and chairs are provided for children, and staff are available to assist with the activities. Coffee and snacks are easily accessible next to the Kids Area.


Tickets are available for purchase online prior to the event. You can also purchase tickets at the door using credit/debit card. Please note, The Big Design Market is a cashless event. There are several ticket points so queuing will be minimal. 


There may be a queue when the doors open but it usually moves quickly and you'll be through the doors within a few minutes. Check event details for opening times each day.


We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve your experience at The Big Design Market. Please email us on