Information for parents


The Kids Activities Area is open from 10am until closing time each day of the market and all activities are free. More details here.

Please note, the kids' area staff are available from 10am until 4pm each day to assist children with the activities but are not responsible for children left unsupervised.


The Quiet Zone is specifically for kids who require access to a low-sensory space. Partitioned off from the main thoroughfares, the area is equipped with a small table, chairs and a play tent. There is also a drinks vending machine and an ATM in this area. More information >>


A selection of food and beverage stands are located next to the kids' area. More food options are available in the main catering area located at the centre of the venue. See all available food options here.

A microwave is available for baby food and bottle warming in the Parents Lounge. (see below)


Parents are welcome to feed their babies where ever they feel comfortable. A private space is available if preferred. The parents' lounge is equipped with comfortable chairs, a microwave and a small play space for toddlers.

If you require further information or assistance at the event, staff at the information desk will be happy to help.


Dedicated baby change facilities are located within the venue.

Please do not dispose of used nappies in the parents lounge or food areas – use bins provided in the baby change room.