In addition to introducing hundreds of ethical design businesses to our eco-conscious shoppers each year, The Big Design Market is taking big steps to increase our sustainability as an events business. 

The Big Design Market believes that good living needn’t come at the cost of the earth, which is why we support designers and makers who have ethical and sustainable practices, as well as ones making green living products. It is this core value that has also lead us to adopt as many sustainable practices as possible for our events, and will have us continuing to look for new ways to make The Big Design Market even greener.

Here are some of the steps we've taken so far:

  • All materials from our event infrastructure are recycled and re-used/repurposed wherever possible;
  • We ensure recycle bins are placed throughout the venue during the event;
  • We supply environmentally friendly soap (made locally by one of our stallholders) for visitors in the venue toilets, using large refill containers to top up each pump bottle, instead of discarding bottles as they run out.
  • A percentage of ticket sales is donated to Landcare Australia in support of their mission to protect and restore our land.

Landcare x The Big Design Market

We’re proud to be expanding our commitment to sustainability by supporting Landcare’s mission to make a positive impact on the environment. Landcare is built upon a community-based system whereby people come together to tackle local issues that they believe needs attention, whether it be erosion of sand dunes due to mismanaged beach access or weeds affecting agricultural productivity. This shared value of commitment to caring for the land and an appreciation for our environment is what drives Landcare and has allowed them to continue their important work for 30 years.

This year The Big Design Market will donate a percentage of ticket sales to Landcare in support of their work to protect and restore our land and waterways. To find out more about Landcare's current projects visit