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This is your first Big Design Market, right?
Yes, I’m scared and so excited! It such a big deal! An encouraging friend at Northcote pottery said to me “you’ve just got to do it!” I’m excited to go back to the Royal Exhibition Building; it’s such an epic space. I’m not sure why but going into that building and having a stall there just makes you feel very adult - I’m like, “I’ve made it!” and my mum is so proud. 

That’s definitely a milestone when you’re Mum is proud too!
I think I’m going to get her to help at The Big Design Market so watch her; it’s going to be epic. I’ve been told how great it is and I’m not really sure what to expect, I’m just holding my breath and wishing for the best. Everyone’s reminding me to not think about it too much and just make as much as I can, and I’ll be fine, but it is going to be insane. The thing I’m focused on, because it’s only me, is making enough pieces, I just have to go for it!

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do! So, what are your gift suggestions?
I’ve got some nice under $50 gifts like little planters, jewellery dishes, incense holders – those kinds of things. For something a bit more personal perhaps a vase or big planters – they’ve been selling like crazy so I’m going to make a bunch more of those. I think I’m going to make some one-off, all my pieces are one-off, but some unique shaped pieces that will be available too. Also perfect for Christmas gifts are my earrings, I’m making a whole new collection of them. They were a very popular last-minute gift purchase by all my friends last Christmas.

There’s something about wear-ability that is really great for gifts isn’t there?
Totally! Something that you can give to someone that’s handmade but that they can also wear.

It must be nice to work in a studio with James Lemon and belong to a ceramic community of sorts.
Yeah, everyone’s so nice and supportive especially the people I know that encouraged me to do The Big Design Market. I’ve made so many new friends from making ceramics – it’s such a bonus. It’s so nice to have a glass of wine with someone who understands what it’s like when you crack a pot in the kiln and what not.

The lead up to Christmas must be nuts, do you have a vacation planned for after it all?
I’m going to Japan in January, that’s the goal I’m working towards. Just before this whole production mode started, I was thinking I needed something like a vacation and a friend was like “Well then, you’re coming to Japan with us!” It’s nice to have something that isn’t just a time or money target - it’s a gift for myself for after Christmas when I’m probably going to be absolutely ruined. I think I’ll also spend a week by myself visiting some potters.

Meet Tantri at The Big Design Market in Melbourne.

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