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Congrats on your new store Pinky’s! What lead you to open a shop in Preston?

I'd had the idea of a combined shopfront and studio floating around in my mind for a while but thought it would be too big of an undertaking on my own. So when my friend Beckie started talking about the possibility of opening a shop together I jumped at the opportunity. Beckie and I both have kiddies, we both live in Reservoir and wanted the shop to be somewhere close to home - so Preston was the perfect location. We also were keen on Preston because we felt that there wasn't really anything like Pinky's in our area. Opening and running Pinky's with Beckie has been lots of fun. We both loved working on the fit-out, selecting the labels and products to stock and sharing the day to day workload of the shop has been great. It's nice to share the experience with someone!

Where does the name of the store come from? 
Beckie suggested the name initially…and, well we both like pink a lot! The original idea was to have the shop not be very pink, but after speaking at length about it – we both feel that pink is actually a neutral colour. I find with my work it’s even a bit hard to avoid. Pink just works so well with greens and blues, and I’m not much of a fan of red. When I was in primary school I was told by a teacher that I shouldn’t use red and pink together because they clashed. Do you remember that line, “Blue and green should never be seen”? So silly!

So what does a usual day look like for you from morning to night?
At the moment my week is divided into four days at home with the kids, two days in Pinky's and one day working on my own Emily Green business. On my days with Lotte and Jens we hang out at home in the morning and I try to sneak in all my house jobs and emailing during Jens' morning nap. Then we usually head out for a couple of hours to a playground, to Pinky's, the Collingwood Children's farm or the Museum. In the afternoon we play in the garden and then it's a mental few hours between 5 and 8 as we have dinner, bath the kids and try to hustle them into bed. After the kids are in bed I try to get another hour or so of work done and watch an episode of something, before heading to bed at 9.30ish. On my days at Pinky's I arrive at about 8.30 and make a batch of earrings before the shop opens at 9.30. I then spend the day pricing and putting out stock, rearranging our displays, ordering and emailing and of course helping and chatting to customers. The added benefit of having my studio just behind the shop is that on Fridays when I'm working in Pinky's I can still talk to my Emily Green staff and stay across what's happening there. When the shop closes at 4 I zip straight off to collect my daughter from childcare and head home. On my day in the studio I also try to get in early and spend the day making my jewellery. It's funny how my role in the business has come full circle as the years have gone on; I started out making everything, then as I needed help with production I started employing staff, stopped making as much and spent most of my time doing admin. Now, 7 years on, I have an amazing studio manager who takes care of the day-to-day running of the business so that I can do a lot of making again!

Sounds like you have a fabulous team! It also must be nice to feel a part of a design community here in Melbourne.
Definitely! That’s probably my favourite thing about making work. I find that sense of community at the markets too. You’re at your stall next to other makers for three days so you have all these lovely conversations; the experience is really shared. A lot of my staff are makers too so that adds to it, for instance, Shuh Lee and Ella Bendrups. Everyone’s so nice and supportive; It’s great to be a part of something, and there’s this extended support from the public too. The markets are so great for meeting your customer. I feel like the shop has connected with our community too; we just created something we like and that kind of guides what you sell.

Do you have any gifting suggestions for this year?
The stud earrings are always popular because they suit a range of ages but I recommend the drop earrings – they’re fun and special.

You’ve done The Big Design Market for many years…
Yes, I feel that it’s curated really well so there’s not a lot of overlap. I think everyone’s work is of a high standard, including the food, direction and art. I also had a great opportunity to do an installation a few years ago which has resulted in a good relationship with the team.

You’ll be in Sydney too?
Yep! I’ve done that from the start. It’s nice I get to meet a lot of people that haven’t heard of my work thanks to the promo The Big Design Market team do…I think they get quite deep with their customers.

Lastly, what are you currently inspired by?
Spring flowers, particularly Pansies! I can't get enough of their sweet and happy little faces :)

Catch the fabulous Emily Green at The Big Design Market in Melbourne 30 Nov–2 Dec and Sydney 7–9 Dec.

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